Guardians of the Galaxy 2: A Movie Review

Guardians of the Galaxy was the hit no one expected, proving that Marvel Studios does really have what it takes to put even out of the way comics on the big screen. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 continued the tradition, taking yet another possibly very ridiculous character, and demonstrating them in
a way that makes sense in a cinematic production. This new character? Ego, the Living Planet. To be honest, I had wondered a while ago if Ego would ever make an appearance in the MCU, and I had promptly shrugged off the idea as impossible, as being too ridiculous to show in a series of films that has made sure to steer clear of many of the more ludicrous parts of the comics. When I watched the film, however, and saw the way Ego was portrayed, I was pleasantly surprised. Far from being ridiculous, Ego’s story was emotionally driven and made an otherwise basically uninteresting movie memorable.

That leads to my next thought on the movie. Guardians 2 was nowhere near as good a movie as the first of its name. Drax was portrayed in a way that barely fit with his character in the first film, basically a laughing madman. There isn’t a single scene he is in where he is not laughing ludicrously. Baby Groot, while adorable, just didn’t have the emotional character of his older self. The whole movie felt a little rushed, as if the producers were trying to cram two whole storylines into one film.

On the other hand, the movie did have its good points. I already talked about Ego. Another part of the movie I found rather touching was the way it dealt with Yondu. I have to say, I had found the blue Ravager to be an intriguing character even in the first film, but this film really succeeded in fleshing him out and making you feel for him. And of course the action scenes were, as always, exciting, although at times a little confusing, with flashes of light everywhere and ships gliding in and out between each other.

One thing I would like to give a shout-out to is Stan Lee’s cameo in this latest film. A long-running fan theory is that Stan Lee is actually Earth’s Watcher, Uatu, a member of an ancient race of aliens who seek to document all of history on every world, but take an oath not to interfere in the actions of other species. Stan’s appearance in Guardians 2 was an obvious play on this theory.

The mid and after-credits scenes were interesting, not least because of their quantity. There was not one, but 5 scenes in total. The most interesting of these seems to show the creation of Adam Warlock, guardian of one of the infinity stones, the Soul Gem, continuous enemy of Thanos, and ally of various members of the current Guardians of the Galaxy crew. Another shows the reformation of another team of Ravagers, apparently a reference to an alternate team of Guardians from the future in the comics. It would definitely be interesting if we see more of them in the future.

All in all, I would give Guardians of the Galaxy 2 a rating of 3.5 stars out of five. It isn’t the worst movie ever produced, but neither is it close to the best Marvel has made so far. I would still like to see more of the Guardians in the future, though.

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