All about the Nazgul

No fictional enemy is more fearsome than the Nazgul, the nine Ring-wraiths of Middle-Earth. Invisible creatures of shadow in black cloaks with the ability to arouse terror in the most stalwart of men, these evil undead creatures are without equal. Interestingly Continue reading “All about the Nazgul”

Ten More Unusual Harry Potter Theories

Last week I listed ten of my favorite Harry Potter fan theories. However, while I was researching fan theories I came across a number of others that went from the mildly implausible to the completely bizarre. I figured it would be interesting to give these theories a little attention, Continue reading “Ten More Unusual Harry Potter Theories”

Top Ten Harry Potter Fan Theories

Just like other popular, well-written stories, the Harry Potter series has had a lot of fan-fiction and fan theories written around it. Some of them have actually been incorporated into canon by J.K. Rowling. Others she promptly put the nix to, though their proponents still argue in their Continue reading “Top Ten Harry Potter Fan Theories”

All about the Thunderbird

I was looking over all the articles I have written so far, and it occurred to me that, the name of this blog not withstanding, I had written nothing about Harry Potter or its derivative film, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, in the whole month I’ve been writing. As such, my next few articles Continue reading “All about the Thunderbird”

Virtual Revolution: A Film Review

Last weekend I found a film on a discount rack that I had never heard of. I had, however, read a book that sounded like it had a similar premise to the synopsis on the back of the case, and I had found the book very interesting, so I decided to give the movie a try. It turned out to be quite Continue reading “Virtual Revolution: A Film Review”

The Untold Origin of Obi-Wan Kenobi – Part Two

Geona was a bustling city with a rich history.  Discovered in the time of the Old Republic, a ship of diverse humanoid refugees had broken down in a desperate escape from their previous dilapidated planet, Tewju, and crash-landed in the spot where Geona was later built.  The planet they Continue reading “The Untold Origin of Obi-Wan Kenobi – Part Two”